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About the Artist

Arkansas born, Gabe Pace, describes himself as a multi-talented, versatile singer, songwriter and performer. At the age of 11, he discovered a whole new world with his first public appearance as a singing contestant in his hometown county fair talent show. Gabe won over the audience and the judges in a way that awakened him to his own gift. From that point on, he has tested the waters with his gift. Of course, being the twin son of pastors and a mother who is a gospel singer, he has had his share of experience as a gospel singer and worship leader in church.

Now, he is evolving into a fully dimensional singer of R&B, Soul, Gospel, Country, Pop, and even Blues.

At 22 years old, he launched his career as an artist while attending the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff  as a senior Agriculture Regulatory/ Environmental Science major. While in high school, he thought he would be a budding athlete, playing football and basketball, of which he was recognized for outstanding achievements. After being disappointed that he would not continue his sports career in college, he started to focus more on his music. He spent three years with UAPB’s world renowned performing choir, Vesper, and developed many skills from this experience.

He opened his book of songs written from his teenage years and begin to develop himself. He writes his songs from a heartfelt perspective through the eyes of his personal stories. As young as he may be, he connects with the heart of young and old listeners. His songs have a twist of soul, his gospel background, and heart. From the first sound to the end, it makes the listening audience want to join in.

After spending time in the studio, Gabe released his first single, “Me & You.” This song expresses regret from his past relationships. It is a motivational song instructing people to take advantage of true love and how to reconcile it.

His second release, “Love Novel,” is a story. “Roll with me, take control with me, I ain’t never had nobody so just grow with me,” is a longing for renewed relationship. Listeners will find this smooth, soulful groove easy to relate to.

His new EP is "All of Me." The title expresses his desire for the listening audience to feel all parts of his soul. He is bringing the R&B groove mixed with his soulful background. Gabe finally found true love. This EP is dedicated to his desire to love, to be loved, and grow in love.

For his birthday, he released "Any More Room For Me." This song shows his growth in vocals, writing and emotions as he expresses desire to rebuild what has been broken.

His latest release is "Don't Tell Me."  This young artist keeps pushing out hits you do not want to miss.

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